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Medidesk is a software application for comprehensive management and analysis of patient requests. It allows for effective management of a medical clinic, monitoring of business performance indicators, and all marketing channels.


For the Front Desk

The Medidesk application provides tangible support to front desk employees at medical clinics. Medidesk increases the number of patients and improves service quality. It significantly enhances communication between medical facilities and patients.

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For Management

Medidesk facilitates the work of managers and owners of medical clinics. It increases turnover, removes bottlenecks at the front desk, improves employee control, and enhances workflows.

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For marketing

Thanks to Medidesk it is possible to aggregate different channels of marketing communication in one place. Medidesk allows for optimization of spendings for marketing activities through careful analysis of patient traffic sources.

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How to increase sales and improve patient acquisition?

Medidest supports owners and managers of medical and beauty clinics in their daily management of front desk teams. It allows for better control of the scope and effectiveness of their teams’ activities.

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Why Medidesk

More than 350 clinics
use the Medidesk application daily
More than 3500 front desk operators
log into the system every day
Over 800 managers
conduct their daily analyses with the use of the application
Over 15 million patients attended to,
following telephone requests in clinics throughout Poland
16% increase in revenues on average
in the first three months of active use of Medidesk
37% average increase
in marketing campaign effectiveness with Medidesk present
Over 9 million
additional revenues among clients managing their patient requests with Medidesk

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Opinions of our clients

Paulina Wald
The Polish-American Heart Clinics
Head of Patient Registration Team

Medidesk provides support in my daily patient registration team management duties. Thanks to the Medidesk app I can analyze the numbers of incoming and outgoing calls. I can see which team members make the most appointments, how many of the answered calls on the given day converted into actual appointments, and what is the level of call traffic at particular times. This is all very useful information, which helps me optimize the work of my registration team and plan our shift schedules.

Beata Dethloff M.D.
Beata Dethloff M.D. Clinics
The Owner

I appreciate Medidesk particularly for the possibility to take control of many significant measures in one place. As the owner of several clinics in different locations, I like to have access to statistics regarding patient traffic and business results of each location, wherever I am, whenever I need to. I verify all advertising campaigns and I work methodically. I know exactly which activities are most efficient.

Maciej Piechota
The Owner

Using Medidesk I can check which marketing channels used with the purpose of acquiring patients are most cost-effective - e.g. a flyer campaign, or a Google AdWords campaign. Moreover, Medidesk became the favorite tool among our front desk employees, they can’t imagine their work without it these days. It’s a very useful tool for anyone whose goal is to increase profits in a broadly understood healthcare industry.

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