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Medidesk is a comprehensive tool for handling and analyzing communications with patients. It allows for effective management of the medical facility, monitoring of its business indicators and all marketing channels.

Medidesk is a tool:

  • dedicated to the medical and beauty industries 
  • created on the basis of the needs of clients of medical facilities
  • SaaS (software as service) web application running in the cloud
  • easy and intuitive to use, it can be implemented immediately
  • increasing facilities’ revenues from the first day of implementation


For registration

Medidesk is a real help for employees of the registration departments of medical facilities. Medidesk increases the number of patients and improves the quality of their service. It significantly improves communication between the facility and the patient.

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For the manager

Medidesk supports the managers and owners of medical facilities in the daily management of the reception team. It enables better control over the activities and the efficiency of the team.

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For marketing

Using Medidesk it is possible to aggregate many marketing communication channels in one place. Medidesk enables optimization of spending on marketing activities thanks to a thorough analysis of patient traffic sources.

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How can you increase sales and efficiency in acquiring patients?

Medidesk supports the owners and managers of medical and beauty facilities in the daily management of the reception team. It enables better control of the scope of activities and effectiveness of the team's work.

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Why Medidesk

More than 300 medical facilities
use the Medidesk application every day
Over 3064 receptionists
are logging into the panel every day
Every day over 796 managers
uses statistical panels and analyses
Over 10 million received phone calls
at Polish clinics and hospitals
Average revenue increase of 16%
during the first 3 months of using the Medidesk application
37% on average
marketing campaigns using Medidesk are more effective
Over 9 million polish zloty
saved by clients managing requests

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Get to know the opinions of our customers

Paulina Wald
Polish-American Heart Clinics
Head of the Registration Team

Medidesk supports me in the daily management of the reception team. Thanks to the Medidesk application I analyze the numbers of incoming and outcoming calls. I can see who from my team makes appointments with the most patients, how many calls are received on a given day and converted into real visits, and how much traffic the office receives at given hours. This is very helpful information, thanks to which you can optimize the work of receptionists or set schedule work.

Beata Dethloff, MD, PhD
Dr Beata Dethloff Clinics

Medidesk especially gives me the ability to control many operations important to me in one place. As the owner of clinics in multiple locations in Warsaw, I like to have access to results with services and results of all clients from branches whenever I need it. I verify all advertising campaigns in the Manager's Panel and I think carefully. I know perfectly well which are most effective.

Maciej Piechota

Using Medidesk, I can check which marketing channels launched to attract patients are the most profitable for us - e.g. a leaflet campaign or a Google AdWords campaign. In addition, Medidesk has become a favorite tool of our registrars. It is a very helpful tool for everyone whose goal is to increase profits in the healthcare business.

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