Meet the Medidesk application and the team behind it.

We are a tech startup company operating in the healthcare and cosmetic medicine industry. Medidesk is a software application for comprehensive management and analysis of patient requests. It allows for effective management of a medical clinic, monitoring of business performance indicators, and all marketing channels. Our solution is currently deployed to more than 350 medical clinics throughout Poland.

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Medidesk statistics

More than 350 clinics
use the Medidesk application daily
More than 3500 front desk operators
log into the system every day
Over 800 managers
conduct their daily analyses with the use of the application
Over 15 million patients attended to,
following telephone requests in clinics throughout Poland
16% increase in revenues on average
in the first three months of active use of Medidesk
37% average increase
in marketing campaign effectiveness with Medidesk present
Over 9 million
additional revenues among clients managing their patient requests with Medidesk
+55team members

Meet our team

Our crew is made up of extraordinary people characterized by timeless engagement in anything they do. We develop Medidesk as a team, and each day we make every effort so that the company grows at the highest rate with the use of the best available technologies.

Daniel Nowocin

The Creator of Medidesk. Based on many years of experience in the healthcare industry he brought to life the application which facilitates the work of hundreds of medical clinics throughout Poland today. Board advisor and mentor to managers in the field of patient acquisition and business development. Our strategist and sales guru. Meetings with clients are his natural environment, where he helps them overcome their daily challenges. A born leader. Enthusiast of all forms of active lifestyle and traveling.

Artur Sznek
Product Development Director

He was involved in many startup projects related to new technologies. Implementing products, advertising campaigns, social media, product management, image creation – he is no stranger to any of these things. Every day he finds new solutions to systematically improve the Medidesk application and adapt it to the current needs and expectations of our clients. After work he is a fan of Real Madrid, cooking and running.


Dawid Sakowski
Product Development Director

He has worked on many startup Internet projects related to new technologies. For David, implementation of projects, advertising campaigns, social media, product management, image creation — nothing is foreign to him. Every day, he searches for new solutions to systematically improve the Medidesk application and adapt it to the current needs and expectations of customers. Privately he is a fan of Real Madrid, cooking and running.

Jakub Neumann

Passionate about software development technology with 25 years of experience in the field of IT. An architect of cloud information systems, medical solutions and devices (including those certified by the new European Union Medical Device Regulation), integration, communication protocols, algorithms for processing and signal analysis. JVM enthusiast, founder and former leader of the Tricity Java Group. Currently, he is particularly occupied by solutions in the field of containerisation, continuous integration and delivery of services.

Anita Chabrowska
Marketing Director

Passionate about new trends in marketing communication. Author of numerous industry publications in the field of marketing. She has over 11 years of experience in the advertising industry. She has worked for brands such as: Samsung, Henkel, Ferrero, adidas, Costa Coffee, PZU, Cinema City and more. Fascinated by the idea of lovemark brands — authentic, ethical, thoughtful, creative, expressive, bold and questioning the status quo. Privately, the mother of two girls and a marathon runner.

Małgorzata Domagała
Sales Strategy Director

Almost 20 years of experience in trading, creating sales processes and managing teams. The last decade dedicated to the medical industry.

She built international teams and shaped sales of products in Central European markets. She oversees the process of generating and converting leads. Privately a fan of mountain biking, especially in the Himalayan areas (5,340 m above sea level)

Urszula Łaskawiec
Training & Development Director

Trainer with over 12 years of experience in coordinating sales projects, after-sales care and customer communication.

She teaches responsibility for the patient, taking care of facility image, quality patient service, activities helping to promote medical facility services.

Izabela Kaźmierczak
Development and Customer Service Director

She has many years of experience in cooperation with medical facilities gained by building and developing their businesses. She developed and co-created the sales and marketing department in one of the largest medical portals in Poland. She has skills in analysing the effectiveness of business activities and measuring business indicators. At Medidesk, she manages the Development and Customer Service Department, constantly improving the quality and standard of services provided.

Learn about our history

Initial analysis of potential client requirements
January 2016
June 2016
First mockups and prototypes of the system
First software development work
October 2016
January 2017
Alpha version of the application, first implementations on client sites
Integration with HIS-type external systems
October 2017
March 2018
More than 100 active client
More than 1 million processed patient requests in medical clinics throughout Poland
June 2018
September 2018
Versions 2.0 of the application. Implementation of the Management panel along with statistics for owners and managers
Over 4 million patient requests processed in medical clinics throughout Poland
June 2019
April 2020
A telemedicine platform with VoIP communication capabilities created for doctors, front desk employees, and managers
Softphone software for answering and initiating telephone calls through the application
June 2020

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