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Medidesk is a software application dedicated to medical facilities, which increases revenue and improves the quality of patient service. It provides means for better control of a range of activities and the efficiency of the team on board.

Features for front-desk employees

A list of missed calls

Check how many and which calls need to be attended to. Review and monitor the history of calls. Get comprehensive insight into incoming and outgoing traffic within your medical facility. Review calls based on any given criteria: missed, answered, ongoing, awaiting, completed.

Assigning tags and statuses to connections

Assign a proper status and tag to each call. The assigned status indicates if an appointment is scheduled or unscheduled, or if there is a need for further contact with the patient.


Answer and initiate telephone calls through the Medidesk application without the need for having any physical devices. All you need is a computer or a laptop with some headphones and a microphone. It’s easy to use from any location.

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Features for the medical clinic manager

VoIP switchboard - call redirection and distribution

Distribute incoming calls to workstations of particular front desk employees using VoIP technology. Connections can be diverted to all workstations simultaneously, randomly, or in a particular order.

Sales effectiveness statistics

Verify clear statistics including the exact number of answered and unanswered calls and unscheduled appointments, as well as all telephone traffic during the opening hours of the registration front desk. Check the effectiveness of medical service sales efforts of your employees.

Analysis of the reasons for not getting an appointment scheduled

Verify why patients who got in touch with the clinic eventually decided not to make an appointment. Take advantage of the possibility to track obstacles in scheduling appointments with each patient to find out if the way your registration staff communicate with the patient helps the patient, or discourages them from making the decision.

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Marketing Features

Verification of marketing spending validity

Verify profitability of promotional campaigns thanks to detailed statistics and graphs available in the Medidesk application. Invest wisely by gaining new patients and reach your target customers through the most efficient channels.

Analysis of attended calls based on sources

Find out if and which marketing channels generate returns on investment and increase the number of patient visits. Check in real-time what is the marketing origin of the incoming patients to decide which are the most effective forms of promotion.

IVR messages

Personalized voice messages recorded by professional voice-over artists. With waiting music, the name of your clinic, and any message you like. IVR prompts can be set depending on the time of the day.

All features

Features for the front desk team

  • Call redirection and distribution
  • List of unanswered calls and incoming call monitoring
  • Real-time connection information
  • One-click call back
  • Caller ID
  • Internal notes with a search engine
  • Customer card, i.e. a miniCRM
  • Possibility to integrate with a patient database

Features for the Manager

  • Sales effectiveness statistics
  • Advanced statistics
  • Listening to recorded calls to the front desk
  • Team’s work analysis features
  • Incoming and outgoing patient traffic monitoring
  • Analysis of traffic volumes in time
  • Connecting any given number of lines
  • Telecommunications switchboard

Marketing features

  • Tag-based and number-based statistics
  • Analysis of calls attended to by source
  • Call Back feature
  • IVR prompts and messages
  • Identification of contact sources from campaigns
  • Automated call diversion
  • Consistent identification of outgoing calls
  • 24/7 line availability
  • Source analysis for marketing channels

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