Online application for medical consultation

Medidesk Telemedicine is a software application dedicated to medical clinics and doctors for the purpose of conducting safe teleconsultations using chat, video, and audio connections. It allows for the effective provision of services to patients online and improves the efficiency of the work of medics and support staff.

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Why choose our telemedicine platform?

Take a look at the features of the Medidesk telemedicine application

Real-time appointment data

Status of teleconsultations, online payments, and statistics, all in a single view, in one place.

Simple call handling at the front desk

The Medidesk telemedicine platform allows for easy and efficient patient registration for consultations including payment details and comments from the M.D.

Clear view for the doctor

During consultations through chat, voice, or video calls, the medic is presented a clear view of their patients’ details and appointment schedule, with no unnecessary distractions. Simple and secure.

Softphone for the doctor

Your doctors can dial any telephone number and make an outgoing call.

Postponing the consult

In case when the doctor cannot reach the patient they may postpone the call. The teleconsultation will be reordered on the main screen and it will be listed again at the proper time.

Consultation history

A history of teleconsultations conducted by the given doctor, all sent documents, and chat conversations is available.

How does it work?

  • A front desk employee verifies the availability of a consultation date at the HIS and asks the patient for their details. They select a medical specialization.

  • The front desk employee selects a date, types in costs, and comments for the doctor while scheduling the appointment.

  • A confirmation email is automatically sent to the patient, including a payment link.

  • The patient makes the payment for the visit and on the scheduled date they conned using the platform.

Benefits for the patient

Simple access to medical consultations

Responsive web design

RWB applications for patients and doctors allow for accessing the telemedicine platform using a smartphone or a tablet.


All you need is a computer with access to the internet. Thanks to video conversations the patient and the doctor can see each other through their cameras. The patient can demonstrate and describe their health issue, and the doctor can provide a consult in a secure manner.


All you need is a mobile phone or computer with access to the internet through a web browser. During the chat conversation with the doctor, the patient describes their problem and receives recommendations.

A platform made to fulfill the requirements of medical doctors

  • The doctor logs into the platform using their own login and password (through their online appointment panel).
  • On the platform, the doctor can see the appointments made for the given day (and their history).
  • In addition, the doctor has access to a panel where they can manage their video conversation and use other options such as fullscreen, mute, share.
  • By selecting and opening the given appointment the doctor may learn about the details and additional information regarding the patient, and their condition, which the patient made available.
  • The patient enters the online waiting room and awaits an invitation from the doctor when the doctor is ready and the scheduled appointment time comes.
  • Once the consultation is complete the doctor clicks “Finish”. The link expires once the date passes.


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